What is a webhook. Webhook explained.

Webhooks Explained – Plus a list of companies using webhooks

Published on 28.4.2016

      What are web-hooks? Today we talk about the simple definition of webhooks, the…

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Restful Architecture explained

Restful architecture explained

Published on 22.4.2016

Often, when one is introduced to the concept of RESTful services, the first question that…

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Ipaas providers

Ipaas Providers

Published on 21.4.2016

iPaaS stands for Integration platforms as a service. I think large businesses have always suffered…

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IPAAS vs ESB vendors

IPaaS vs ESB vendors

Published on 18.4.2016

DSYNC cloud integration platform Simon: Thank you, hello everybody and welcome to today’s summary of…

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ESB system integration tool

What is an ESB? Enterprise Service Bus

Published on 3.4.2016

Today we’re talking about Enterprise Services Buses or ESBs commonly known as a Enterprise Service…

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