Advanced data mapping, transformation and integration platform. Connect multiple disparate systems, apps and business systems together!

DSYNC is deep integration platform used by developers to map, transform and link systems together. The DSYNC platform can be used to translate data between multiple applications right before your eyes. Out team have a wide range of pre-built connectors for Fintech, Retail, Corporate and Healthcare industries. DSYNC is a mid to enterprise connection platform.

The DSYNC tool is perfect for both on-premises and cloud system integration.
User friendly with Zero programming skills required.

The DSYNC platform comes complete with free data mapping and out of the box connectors to synchronize your FinTech, website, point of sale, inventory, ERP, CMS, loyalty, email and finance systems together. DSYNC believes in affordable system integration. From our early beginnings, retailers have reached out for an alternative to the high costs charged by traditional system integration companies.

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The DSYNC platform is the brain child of Martin Novak and Simon Church, who together have been working with FinTech companies, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturer’s drop-shippers for the past twenty-seven years.


Martin Novak


Simon Church


Our company philosophy captures our vision of creating an IPAAS platform that can connect ALL systems together. At DSYNC we believe in partnering with the right industry connections to help expand on our vision. Ask our team about our web developer and agency white labelled partner solution.


As more and more businesses start to take systems into the cloud, DSYNC has identified a gap where systems, both new and old, were not capable of talking to each other. We can help businesses improve productivity by reducing manual entry processes. DSYNC can be used as a perfect tool for helping companies when data is not flowing smoothly between business departments.



DSYNC’s intelligent IPAAS platform, designed to be easy to use, scalable and affordable, is built for cross-border integration with smart rules for managing systems across multiple locations. We are actively pursuing demand in the United States, Europe and across the Asia Pacific.