22 features for connecting your APIs

24.6.2017 - 5 minutes read

How to Connect APIs, Connecting multiple APIs data mapping for developers

DSYNC is a developer’s tool for connecting APIs. The platform is a live data integration service that is used to connect APIs together. The platform is used by developers to map data endpoints using our interactive advanced API endpoint. Developers can quickly create endpoints to join an unlimited amount of API services together. For more information on connection your API’s please see the DSYNC developers portal.

The advanced API endpoint is configurable and enables developers to set up customized schema or data layouts for multiple data structures that need to be connected. DSYNC is a bidirectional IPAAS platform enabling developers to setup self-service endpoints for connecting APIs together. Help section on connecting APIs.

Connect API restful API connection

22 Features for connecting your APIs

  1. Create your own API endpoint to link/ connect your API services
  2. Graphical data mapping engine for connecting your API’s
  3. Create secure AUTH tokens to connect API
  4. Generate different output results in JSON / XML
  5. Trigger data workflows
  6. Set schedules based on run types
  7. Configurable data layout schema for integration
  8. Connect different data sources, web-services, CSVs or apps to communicate with your API or endpoint
  9. Set custom API triggers via web-hook or CRON timer
  10. Batch splitter for connecting APIs
  11. Data transformation configuration: Object, Variables, Formulas, Date changes etc
  12. Self-service developer tool for connecting data types
  13. Live data updates between API endpoints and other apps
  14. Self-service – API connection – No coding only data configuration
  15. Granular level API mapping and data connection
  16. Generate output reporting and self-service error logs
  17. Set timers or set live updates via our CRON system
  18. Unlimited data types
  19. Generate your own schemas, structures and data layouts for API connection
  20. Post / Get order details between your endpoints
  21. Connect multiple endpoints and data types
  22. Build additional custom API endpoints for development

DSYNC connecting legacy, rest, soap, ftp and APIs together

DSYNC is a developer’s data integration tool that is used to connect APIs together and provide integration. DSYNC work with platforms to expand connectivity. DSYNC is a platform for developers to trigger data flows, create source and destination endpoints for integration of multiple systems and APIs. Developers can quickly set up a unique API endpoint and control data flows between unlimited amounts of APIS.

Connect Multiple APIs together with DSYNC system integration

Connect APIs

Connect Legacy APIs and Modern APIs – Rest and SOAP API connections

Connect Legacy and Rest APIs

Connect multiple apis together

DSYNC is configurable vs the need for programming and offers a dashboard for API endpoint set up and management. The platform is highly scalable and offers enterprise performance for API connectivity. Create unique API endpoints for applications to communicate

  1. Generate your own secure Auths and tokens for API endpoints
  2. Generate your own URI and post to the service
  3. Connect unlimited APIs
  4. Unlimited API endpoint connectors
  5. Mapping engine for data matching
  6. Create data workflows between multiple systems
  7. Post / Get API data orchestration
  8. Integrate Woo to a custom endpoint
  9. Create email triggers for automation
  10. Post to FTP, SFTP, FTPS locations
  11. Create custom API reports, connect APIs, generated at specific times to multiple locations
  12. Generate unique outputs from triggers in XML, JSON
  13. Bend data with rules engine example price plus %
  14. Create RSS links for multiple suppliers or APIs
  15. Create secure URI for connecting APIs / integration
  16. Password protected URI for third party integration
  17. API endpoint management tool
  18. Connect Restful APIs via a custom endpoint
  19. Automate or set CRON scheduler for triggers
  20. Enterprise performance for connecting APIs
  21. Full history and error logging via graphical interface
  22. Create data transformation rules on your API endpoints
  23. Set calculations on Woo endpoints (+-/*)
  24. Set source and destination endpoints for connecting your APIS
  25. Free developer account
  26. Build additional connections with DSYNC SDK
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