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Restful APIs and Web-Services

Restful Api Web Services

Restful API Architecture & Web Services Introduction: Representative State Transfer (REST) or RESTful programming is…

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DSYNC ipaas companies

How near real time data can help improve visibility

How near real time data can help improve businesses through the power of data efficiency…

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DSYNC connect systems

NRF show 2017 DSYNC joining retail apps

Once again another fantastic NRF (National Retail Federation) show in New York. Thank you to…

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Benefits of Restful Architecture

10 Cloud Integration Tools to Consider

Many businesses now operate multiple SaaS products depending on the business needs. Companies are selecting specific…

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Restful Api DSYNC

5 reasons developers select Restful Architecture

REST Architecture What is REST Architecture? REST is an architecture design built to serve networked…

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Shippo Data Integration

DSYNC adds Shippo to help companies ship with ease

Businesses using DSYNC can now access a global network of shipping providers through Shippo  21 Nov,…

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CSV, FTP upload. Data Mapping Platform. Cloud integration DSYNC

How to Automate CSV uploads from FTP and Auto Map the data

Uploading a CSV from an FTP is nothing new, however when you can automatically map…

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Best Data Mapping Tools. Software. Apps is DSYNC

Data Mapping Tools

DSYNC provides data mapping tools to join disparate systems together. The dashboard is a space…

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Easy CSV uploads. CSV integration with DSYNC

Automate your CSV and spreadsheet uploads

There are still many systems that only have the capability to generate CSVs or spreadsheets….

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ZOHO integration with Quickbooks, MYOB, Woocommerce, Xero

Cloud Integration Service DSYNC listed on ZOHO CRM marketplace

After months of collaborative work with the ZOHO team to deploy the DSYNC data integration…

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DSYNC SAP integration image

DSYNC releases SAP connector for Mid to Enterprise market

DSYNC Enters Enterprise Integration Market by Adding SAP to Its Connector List: DSYNC are pleased…

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Unleashed integration

DSYNC adds Unleashed to the companies it can connect

DSYNC are proud to announce the addition of Unleashed to the companies it can synchronize…

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DSYNC cloud integration methods 2

Integration as a service in cloud computing

Integration as a service in cloud computing: Software as a service or sales adoption rates…

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Business Integration tools 10

Business Integration Tools

Is your company’s integration strategy up to date? Are you enabled to become a competitive…

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Tech Crunch DSYNC

DSYNC at Tech Crunch Disrupt

As the majority of the DSYNC team are avid Silicon Valley (TV series) watchers it…

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Best IPAAS cloud integration

3 drop shipping tips to improve efficiency

Drop shipping is used by many retailers as a great way increase sales. Drop shipping…

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DSYNC SAP integration image

10 things to consider when comparing IPAAS vendors

Some key tips to consider when researching and comparing IPAAS vendors for your company.The right…

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Who is the best IPAAS vendor

DSYNC selected for KPMG mLabs

DSYNC, a cloud integration platform are pleased to announced the acceptance into KPMG mLabs. KPMG mLabs…

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System Integration Software

Integration software

Many CIO’s are faced with an ugly challenge of integrating legacy systems. Unfortunately there are…

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Cloud Integration DSYNC

Cloud integration vendors – What is an IPAAS?

I wanted to tell you about how the DSYNC cloud integration platform can help organizational…

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Mage training Learn Magento

Mage Training – Learn Magento from the best

Today DSYNC talks with Matt Harrington from Mage Training. Matt is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist…

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Define Cloud Computing

Define cloud Computing – Cloud computing definition

Define Cloud Computing: There are three essential service models for cloud computing. In Software as a…

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Magento 2.0 version release

Connect Magento and Scale

After returning from Magento Imagine recently, I think all been victims of the hype over…

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API Management

API Management

Rebecca: Hello everyone I am Rebecca with the marketing team here at DSYNC. I’m here with…

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Retail Cloud Integration Tools

Retailer Cloud Integration Tools

Good afternoon everybody, how is everybody today? First of all I would like to thank…

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IOT Cloud Platform

IOT cloud platform

Today we will be covering further information on IOT and how DSYNC system integration fits…

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IOT platform

IOT Platform Applications system integration

The Internet of Things is driving a new era of change by connecting devices and…

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What is a webhook. Webhook explained.

Webhooks Explained – Plus a list of companies using webhooks

      What are web-hooks? Today we talk about the simple definition of webhooks, the…

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Restful Architecture explained

Restful architecture explained

Often, when one is introduced to the concept of RESTful services, the first question that…

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Ipaas providers

Ipaas Providers

iPaaS stands for Integration platforms as a service. I think large businesses have always suffered…

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