Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

Connect and display multiple sources of data, customize your insights into a centralized BI dashboard

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Customized data reporting displayed in a graphical format


Wherever your data is, it is now easy to synchronize your data with DSYNC for analysis & reporting.

Combine multiple reports into a single beautiful dashboard.

DSYNC brings data teams and their stakeholders onto a single, unified platform.

Companies can move faster, make better decisions, and support successful business outcomes. 

Point of Sale data

Connect your POS systems to multiple other data sources and apps. DSYNC can display key data in a graphical format with other disparate data. Example show multiple store sales results combined with online orders from your website. 

Inventory and ERP data

Connect and display multiple stores, countries, suppliers and product level information all in a centralized dashboard.

Accounting and Financial data

Customized financial information from multiple sources. Visually analyze your finance data and build insightful reports & dashboards

Sales and CRM data

Display key account metrics from your sales platforms with our customized reporting solution


Combine database information with your other business systems

Sync multiple methods or inputs

Full control of your data layout. Combine XML & JSON methods. Product XML and JSON feeds, RSS Feeds. Push and pull data from FTP or web-services. 


Make use of a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports & dashboards.

Website and Online Ordering

View All Your Online Data with up to date and in one central dashboard, coupled with automated queries, ensures that your charts and dashboards are always accurate and up-to-date.

Multi Store and Multi Country

Keep view of multi location results, interstate or international reporting for your business. 

Connect API's

Use DSYNC as the glue to join multiple APIs together. Connect API's, set functions, orchestrate data and connect multiple endpoints with the DSYNC advanced API endpoint connector.

Graphical interface for configuration

Build integrations with our easy to use graphical interface. Configure rather than code your cloud integration with our drag and drop mapping and data transformation engine.

Connect disparate systems

Different systems cater for different functions and have different structures and naming conventions. DSYNC can help to standardize and map elements. Connect systems where data may be in different formats; Website, CRM, Accounting, Marketplaces, eMail, Inventory and more