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24.6.2016 - 3 minutes read

Integration SoftwareMany CIO’s are faced with an ugly challenge of integrating legacy systems. Unfortunately there are some scary layers of old systems that are core assets companies and disrupting them is a frightening thought. Having reliable, secure integration software is critical to managing the companies architecture. How can CIO’s glue things together without disrupting the business operation? How do CIOs deal with legacy systems that need integration? There are new exciting technologies that can help to segregate live vs production. With legacy systems is the best method to place an API on top of it, modernize it, make the old system more interactive? and then gradually work on the overall architecture? How can the engineering team work with new cloud app integration software to deliver a safe rapid deployment?

When we talk about the benefits of data integration the results are clear, company would like real time data across theire entire feature set.  New agile companies are taking advantage of API management and have been built to scale quickly. These are modern examples of how versions of business models have changed over time. The internet has provided a new way to do business and integrate multiple information streams.  New market platforms are leveraging data from other people’s APIs to enhance their product. It is how companies connect API data together that is going to form the new agile players in the market. Many CIOs are now looking at a large function of their role is “How do I glue it all together” There is one big challenge that everyone faces and that is dealing with all of the legacy within the organization.

We are all seeing a change in the market with fragmented systems and integration software. If businesses don’t work out how to make their systems highly agile and be able to move at much faster speeds then there will be new entrants that will transform the market. DSYNC has built a platform of logic, we are enabling faster API management to be able to harness and take advantage of architecture.

DSYNC is a cloud integration service. We help to connect cloud and legacy systems like Magento to Salesforce to Netsuite to Bigcommerce to Storage to Vend to mailchimp to Pipedrive to Unleashed to Woocommerce. We also connect xml, rest, edi and drop ship feeds for vendors.

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