System and API integration

10.10.2018 - 6 minutes read

System and API integration is a real world problem. With so many different kinds of systems available, In many cases businesses look to integrate them together. DSYNC is an API connection platform designed for developers and system integration companies to quickly and easily join different systems together. The platforms competitive advantage is the ability to transform, bend and set rules between the two systems. DSYNC operates globally with direct and white-label sellers in Europe, United States, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Here are some integration case studies we see:

1) Point of Sale integrations to Accounting and financial systems: DSYNC is a system that can automate and make end of day sales, inventory updates, customer integrations quickly and easily. Common cloud based pos systems to accounting we see include:

NCR silver to Quickbooks (QBO = Quick books online)

NCR silver to Xero

Revel systems to Quickbooks

Revel systems to Xero

Revel to Quickbooks integration

2) Website and Point of Sale Integrations: We see customers looking to integrate online orders from their website and have the order sent in real time to their point of sale system. POS (Point of Sale) systems today include sophisticated inventory, customer management. Common cloud based website to pos systems we see include

WooCommerce to NCR Silver POS

WooCommerce to Revel Systems POS

3) Inventory / ERP integrations with websites: When businesses run two different systems that hold and manage inventory (stock levels) DSYNC sees customers looking to automate the process. When something sells or is updated on one system the other system is notified and the change is made creating efficiencies.

Unleashed Inventory and WooCommerce integration 

Magento and Unleashed inventory integration

Woocommerce and Unleashed integration


4) Databases, Google Sheets, Google inventory integrations: DSYNC see many combinations of integrations from extracting data at a specific time or utilising the DSYNC real time function that operates on web-hooks.

Google sheets integration to websites Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce

Google inventory integration to websites Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce

5) Supplier drop shipping inventory and website integrations: In many cases retailers do not hold the stock. In their websites all of the suppliers’ warehouses are considered “virtual” as the re-seller does not actually purchase the inventory, the drop shipper is simply advertising the supplier’s inventory. If the re-seller sells something that they are advertising in a suppliers’ warehouse they end up sending the supplier a purchase order which then records the cost and sale against our main warehouse. DSYNC can help to automate the process between drop shippers and eCommerce suppliers.

6) DSYNC’s generic connector: Can be used to integrate with most API’s that have restful capabilities. Some developers use a combination of our generic connector with a pre-built connector on our system and simply configure the two systems to talk to each other. The DSYNC integration platform can also synchronize data using FTP, SOAP APIs, as well as direct database connections.

We are constantly adding new systems to the platform. To see a list of some of the pre-built systems on the DSYNC integration wizard simply sign up for a free trial. Some of the systems include

Example ready made systems on the DSYNC platform:

Magento: Systems integration for Magento

WooCommerce cloud based system integration

Shopify integration: connect your shopify store with inventory, erp,

NCR silver integrations: Point of sale integration with websites, accounting, inventory and much more.


Revel Systems: Integrate your point of sale system with multiple applications

Xero cloud integration: Make your financial systems talk to your disparate systems.

Quickbooks (QBO) Make your financial systems talk to your disparate systems.

Amazon: Streamline your sales channels

BigCommerce: Integrate your website

Ascentis: Integrate your Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

Amazon Business Integrations: Streamline your sales channels

Coupa integration: From procurement to expenses, strategic sourcing to spend analysis, Coupa is the only Business Spend Management platform that empowers you to spend smarter and maximize the value of every dollar your business spends.

ERPnext: Integrations with WooCommerce, Quickbooks, Shopify connect your apps to ERPnext

Google inventory / Google Sheets: cloud integration platform. DSYNC.

Oracle Financials (custom quote required)

Uniconta – Connect your systems

VEND Point of sale – Integrate with multiple applications

Unleashed integrations– Connect your inventory to multiple applications

DSYNC operates on a SaaS monthly plan basis. We have a self service developers plan as the platform is easy for a developer to co-ordinate. For supported customers we have our silver plan where we offer an hour of basic setup support per month to get you on-track. If there is custom development we can provide a quote. There are many more systems on the platform and we offer a free trial.






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