Webinar Connecting API’s without coding

8.8.2017 - 3 minutes read

Webinar Tutorial: Getting started with DSYNC how to connect APIs

DSYNC is an integration layer designed for connecting APIs. This video tutorial is for developers who would like to learn how to use DSYNC as a system integration platform for connecting APIs. The video webinar shows the basic steps for adding a ready made connector and a light overview of how to add your own API for connection. Please help to note that DSYNC can connect multiple APIs together at the same time, is bidirectional and can transform data between syncs.

The tutorial showcases how to add different elements for system integration. Webinar shows how to use the wizard and how to add systems manually for data synchronization.

DSYNC connect APIS no coding

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When you create a system manually you create a container then can add the API endpoints. This is useful for custom API’s and for granular integration. The DSYNC platform enables you to set source and destination for bidirectional flows. The tutorial covers uploading a CSV to an API to process data with co coding. This tutorial shows you how to create a system via the wizard, manually and how to create source uploads.


Covered Questions:

Can you create an RSS feed or link-point to process the data? Yes

Does protocols does DSYNC API connection support FTP, FTPS, SFTP? Yes

Can I choose the http method? Yes

Can DSYNC load from an FTP endpoint and process the API data? Yes

Can I set custom headers when connecting APIs with basic authentication? Yes, you can also choose your authentication methods. DSYNC also has generic plugins for authentication and have the ability to authorize via tokens or custom headers.

Can I set basic authentication? Yes

Can I connect APIs in both directions? The DSYNC platform enables you to set source and destination for bidirectional flows.

What is a source upload? The source upload takes a file that is automatically uploaded to DSYNC and can be automatically mapped and processes the data based on your settings. Data can be processed based on your settings and automatically transmitted to your selected destination.

Does DSYNC have generic OAUTH1 and OATH 2 for connecting APIs? Yes

Can I auto upload a CSV and have DSYNC process the data to an API? Yes

Can I publish a link where the data can be published? Yes

Can I run a job and send the file as an attachment to an email address? Yes

Can I connect a system not part of the DSYNC library? Yes API’s can be connected by simply adding a system manually on the DSYNC dashboard.

Can DSYNC create a JSON or XML link point? Yes

DSYNC developers user guide

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