Making your systems talk since 2015.

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DSYNC® is integration.
And now, integration is effortless.

Scalability is key for a growing business, which is why we’ve developed a solution that allows businesses to integrate their common (and not so common!) business systems, websites and eCommerce platforms, into one user-friendly package.

Make your systems talk.

DSYNC®'s innovative system integration is revolutionizing multi-platform relationships. This IPAAS system is developed to synchronize data between business systems whilst the innovative dashboard provides a secure environment for mapping, applying filters and setting desired parameters between website, inventory, point of sale and financial software.


Safe & secure.

Allowing businesses on any vertical to integrate their business systems, websites and eCommerce platforms, into one user-friendly package, DSYNC® gives systems the ability to communicate, making for efficient, stable and consistent growth.

Meet the team.

DSYNC® is the brain child of Martin Novak and Simon Church, who together have been working with FinTech companies, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturer’s drop-shippers for the past twenty-seven years.

Together, with offices in both Australia and the US, DSYNC®’s select team is comprised of the best in each of the teams respective industries and all have a shared passion for the data integration space.

Martin Novak
Co-Founder and CIO
Simon Church
Chief Operating Officer
Rebecca Gough
Global Operations Manager
Ryan Griffiths
Head of Platforms Development
Johnny Samoletov
Senior Software Engineer
Ray Zhang
Senior Software Engineer
Chris Hillier
US Sales Manager
Xander Burgess
Graphic Designer

The DSYNC® philosophy.

Our company philosophy captures our vision of creating an IPAAS platform that can cohesively connect ALL systems together.

At DSYNC®, we believe in partnering with the right industry connections to help expand on our vision. Ask our team about our web developer and agency white labelled partner solution.

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