Connect Quickbooks Intuit to multiple applications


DSYNC can help you to connect QBO – Quickbooks online to multiple applications. The DSYNC platform can be used to sync QBO to shipping, inventory, website, crm, loyalty, email, point of sale and other business applications.


Email invoices and accept online and mobile payments, seamlessly integrated so you can pay your staff and track your accounts in one place, see your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and dozens of reports in one click, record and pay bills from vendors, track your expenses, all in one place, and more.



Connect Quickbooks to multiple applications including: Salesforce, Revel Systems, Vend POS, Magento, Mailchimp, SAP products, ZOHO CRM, Brightpearl, Automate CSVs, XML data, Unleashed Inventory, Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce and more…….



Try DSYNC free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required.






  • Account
  • Bill
  • Bill Payment
  • Credit Memo
  • Customer
  • Department
  • Deposit
  • Employee
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Item
  • Payment
  • Payment Method
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Order
  • Refund Receipt
  • Sales Receipt
  • Term
  • Time Activity
  • Transfer
  • Vendor
  • Vendor Credit
  • Plus more!