DSYNC at Tech Crunch Disrupt

30.8.2016 - 2 minutes read

As the majority of the DSYNC team are avid Silicon Valley (TV series) watchers it was very important for our team to attend Tech Crunch disrupt SF in Sept. Here is the star studded agenda for the Tech Crunch Event.

Tech Crunch DSYNC 2016

DSYNC, is a modern system integration tool used to synchronize data and join applications together. The platform enables users to connect data from legacy and cloud applications in near real time, providing businesses with access to timely and accurate transaction information

The platform has a range of pre-built assets for synchronization of banking systems, websites, point of sale, inventory, ERP, CMS, loyalty, email and accounting systems through multi-direction connection of data

DSYNC – recently selected as 1/14 for KPMG mLabs and is ready to disrupt the retail, banking and healthcare verticals.

Come see DSYNC at Tech Crunch 2016

Need some more background information on DSYNC?

DSYNC selected for KPMG mLabs Banking Program

DSYNC form strategic alliance with core banking system provider

Tech Write Up ahead of Tech Crunch

DSYNC is a platform that joins systems together, examples of systems we connect together include:

Here are 10 DSYNC combinations:

  1. Connect Magento to Salesforce + Salesforce to Magento
  2. Connect Netsuite to Salesforce + Salesforce to Netsuite
  3. SAP to Magento + Magento to SAP
  4. Shopify to SAP + SAP to Shopify
  5. Bigcommerce to Brightpearl + Bigcommerce to Salesforce
  6. Magento to Brightpearl + Brightpearl to Magento1 and Magento2, + xml, to csv
  7. XML, CSV, ODS, EDI to Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce
  8. Unleashed to Bigcommerce, to salesforce, to vend, to mailchimp, to pipedrive
  9. Shopify to pipedrive, to mailchimp to unleashed, to xml, to csv
  10. Bigcommerce to vend, to unleashed to shipwire to shipstation.

+ Many more and many more in the pipeline – if your connector is not there please let us know

The team specialize in making data flow from one system to another enabling real time data flows between networks.

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