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Disparate systems both new and old not talking to each other. Traditional middle-ware is becoming difficult to integrate and costly to maintain. 

"By 2019, iPaaS will be the integration platform of choice for new integration projects, overtaking traditional, software-based integration platforms for the first time." Gartner


DSYNC integration platform enables API connection without any coding. Systems can be connected within minutes. The platform boasts bidirectional live data updates, can perform multiple system calls and provide decisions based on events. The platform can connect systems, enrich data and provide rapid integration between multiple applications.  


Founded by Simon Church and Martin Novak who have been involved with 2x successful exits. The founders hold both commercial and technology skill-sets required to build a scalable stress tested connectivity platform. 

The team is spread between two locations San Francisco and Sydney Australia with a strong sales focus within the United States. Founders have approved E3 working visas. 


Integration and system connectivity is a 324 B global challenge. DSYNC is an IPAAS platform in the B to B enterprise SaaS software space. Revenue models include recurring revenue, professional services and white label licencing.


Traditional middle-ware, citizen integration and enterprise IPAAS solutions.

The DSYNC's advantage: bidirectional, can handle granular customization, no coding, performance, stress tested against financial institution, rapid deployment, data orchestration and multiple system event chaining and data enrichment. 

Competitors include: Mulesoft (NYSE 3.5B),  Snaplogic,  Informatica


Selected by

NRF USA as a company to change retail

KPMG for mLabs (Fast growth fintechs)

Austrade for the Australian Government landing pad San Francisco



Listing or attractive acquisition target

Connectivity and integration is a recognizable pain point and a high growth sector. DSYNC has built a robust agnostic integration platform that has been stress tested against financial institutions.  

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