10 things to consider when comparing IPAAS vendors

4.8.2016 - 6 minutes read

Some key tips to consider when researching and comparing IPAAS vendors for your company.The right IPAAS vendor can help you to expand and grow your business by connecting your fragmented systems together. Listed below are some key areas to research when making a decision on who to select as an IPAAS provider.

DSYNC Ipaas Vendor

Within most companies there is a variety of different systems, systems could range from an ERP systems, CRM systems, Financial systems, point of sale, inventory, loyalty, web portals, mobile portals. What we’re able to do using IPAAS principles and capabilities is to take those systems and create a single way to communicate across them, because one system might use COBOL to communicate another might use .NET and another might use Java. They each have their own ways of working with code. So the problem at big companies is you need skills in every single one of these if you want to for instance provide self-service online for people. You need to cobble together all these existing services.


  1. Security: It is imperative that your search starts with selecting a trusted partner. Cyber, encryption and data security should be at the forefront of your decision making. Ensure you Select a trusted partner with the right security measures in place. At DSYNC we work with many FinTech and financial institutions and have strict requirements surrounding our processes.
  2. Ease of use: Ensure the hub or connection methods are as easy as possible. Creating links and joining different applications should be as painless as possible. It is important that the user not only knows the process but can visually see the mapping process being undertaken.
  3. Data Transformation: Many systems have different endpoint requirements be sure to select a provider that can transform and map elements in near real time. Data transformation is very important as it removes the need for point to point integration. Having a system integration tool that can not only map data but transform data on the fly can really help to drive your integration process.
  4. Visibility and reporting: Ensure your IPAAS vendor has the right BI (Business intelligence) and reporting services available. Measuring and monitoring your data flows is an important factor to consider with system integration.
  5. Right level of complexity: System integration can get messy and complex finding the right balance between super complex and ease of use can be a delicate tight rope. At DSYNC we have a range of both pre-built connectors and an SDK for self build requirements.
  6. Ability to scale: In some cases 3rd party systems may cause latency however the IPAAS vendor you select should be as fast as possible to enable your business to move high volumes of data across your network.
  7. Legacy, On premise and cloud flexibility: Ensure the provider has can work with the old and the new.
  8. Problem solving: Find the right IPAAS provider that will work along side your team as a partner and a vendor.
  9. Value for money: When comparing various options there are many traditional system integration tools that are
  10. Education and Training: ensure your IPAAS vendor has easy to understand educational materials to assist when things get tricky.

DSYNC can connect the the following systems:

  • Magento connect to Pipedrive
  • Magento connect to Vend
  • Magento connect to Salesforce
  • Magento connect to Netsuite
  • Magento connect to Shipwire, Shipstation
  • Magento connect to Mailchimp
  • Magento to unleashed
  • Bigcommerce connect to Pipedrive
  • Bigcommerce connect to Vend
  • Bigcommerce connect to Salesforce
  • Bigcommerce connect to Netsuite
  • Bigcommerce connect to Shipwire, Shipstation
  • Bigcommerce connect to Mailchimp
  • Bigcommerce to unleashed
  • Shopify connect to Pipedrive
  • Shopify connect to Vend
  • Shopify connect to Salesforce
  • Shopify connect to Netsuite
  • Shopify connect to Shipwire, Shipstation
  • Shopify connect to Mailchimp
  • Shopify to unleashed
  • Woocommerce connect to Pipedrive
  • Woocommerce connect to Vend
  • Woocommerce connect to Salesforce
  • Woocommerce connect to Netsuite
  • Woocommerce connect to Shipwire, Shipstation
  • Woocommerce connect to Mailchimp
  • Woocommerce to unleashed

All above connections are also reversible and compatible with shipstation, shipwire, salesforce, netsuite, unleashed, vend, pipedrive, mailchimp, shopify, Magento, SAP products, Bigcommerce, XML, EDI, XLS and more.

Finding the right IPAAS vendor can help your IT team to have a single place that everybody can communicate to that uses a single approach and uses a single skill set. This means that if somebody wants to change their ERP, they don’t need to change all the ways in which the other systems talk to the ERP. If the web portal and the CRM system, both speak to that ERP because they do it through service oriented architecture principles and something like an IPAAS system. We can swap out that ERP and not have to change the existing integrations. We just need to change the one integration at the top specifically for that ERP. So this gives enterprise organizations a tremendous amount more flexibility. It allows them to have an easier time managing their systems and a lower cost of management. This allows them to respond to business needs more quickly.


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