Magento connectors for Salesforce, pipedrive, netsuite, vend.DSYNC, a systems integration platform are proud to launch our Magento connector.

DSYNC can be used to integrate into both Magento1 and Magento 2.0 Version for both community and enterprise. We work along side agencies to ensure smooth connectivity with retailer integration.

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Magento Integration for accounting, ERP and inventory made very simple: Magento is an agile, respected commerce platform we have been working with for a number of years. DSYNC helps Magento clients scale by working with developers to ensure data connectivity to multiple business applications.


With plans starting from as low as $25 per month. Connect Magento to Salesforce, Pipedrive, Vend, Shipwire, Shipstation, Mailchimp, Woocommerce, Shopify, Unleashed, XML feeds, Bigcommerce, EDI, Fintech products, POS systems, Loyalty, CSV uploads and more. DSYNC enables merchants to move real time data between a variety of applications.

One of the main objectives of our system integration platform is to ensure that Magento merchants, SI’s and agencies can connect Magento to Accounting, Point of Sale, Beacon, ERP, Inventory, CMS and all of the other business software applications available.

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What is DSYNC and Magento? DSYNC is a system integration tool that connects Magento 1 and 2.0 versions with other applications ranging from ERP, Inventory, Accounting, eMail, Loyalty, Point of Sale in fact we can integrate with most applications that need to be connected to the platform. DSYNC works with Magento 1 and the new Magento 2 platforms the team at DSYNC ensure the platform is ready for both community and enterprise availability. For more information on DSYNC Magento . Connect XML to Magento, Connect vendor inventory feeds for drop shipping. Connect CSV and more.

Magento System Integration

Map customer data: This Magento extension is perfect for developers who would like to update and map: ids, email, first_name, last_name,usernames, password, last_order_date, orders_count, total_spend,avatar_url, billing_address, company, address_1, address_2, city, state,postcode,phone,country, Add your own customer fields and customize.

Map order data: With the DSYNC Magento connector developers can map order attributes including: id, order_number, created_at, updated_at, status, currency, total, subtotal, total_line_items_quantity, total_tax, total_shipping, cart_tax, total_discount, subtotal, payment_details, method_title,paid,transaction_id, shipping_address, note, customer_id, view_order_url, line_items, price, quantity, meta, label, value, variations, shipping_lines, tax_lines, coupon_lines, code, amounts and many more custom data attributes that require mapping.

Map product data: The DSYNC Magento connectors perfect to map attributes including: id, title, name, created_at, updated_at, type, status, downloadable, virtual, regular_price, sale_price, sale_price_dates_from, sales_price_dates_to, price_html, taxable, managing_stock, backorders, sold_individually, purchasable, featured, visible, catalog_visibility, on_sale, weight, dimensions, length, width, height, unit, shipping_required, shipping_class, description enable_html_description, short_description, enable_html_short_description,reviews_allowed and many more product data attributes.

DSYNC is a high volume IPAAS provider we connect fragmented systems together Including Magento 2.0 version. We provide an application to join and systems together seamlessly. We’ve adapted to the continual disruptive model that really drives technology. The tech graveyard is littered with companies that were once market leaders but they were subsequently overrun by competitors who push forward with innovation both marketing and technology. They are the disruptions.

Connect Magento to Salesforce | Connect Magento to Pipedrive | Connect Magento to Vend | Connect Magento to Netsuite | Connect Magento to Shipstation | Connect Magento to Mailchimp | Connect Magento to Shipwire  + many more connections via XML, ODS, EDI, CSV.