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DSYNC is a system integration platform designed from the ground up to handle high volume transactions for fintech, retail and healthcare sectors. The platform quickly and easily joins disparate legacy and cloud applications together ranging from website, sales channels, email, crm, loyalty, point of sale, accounting, inventory and many more interactive business services. Built strong for enterprise the application enables users to map and control attributes flowing between systems.



  • Founded in 2015
  • Two Co-Founders Martin Novak and Simon Church
  • Offices in Australia and the United States
  • Seed funded USD 1.5 Million
  • The integration market is valued globally at $500 billion
  • Selected by NRF as a company to change retail in 2016
  • 1 of 14 selected by KPMG for Banking Accelerator mLabs 2016


DSYNC is an integration platform helping to connect both on premise and cloud applications together in near real time. DSYNC works with retailers, insurance companies, banks, fintech companies, healthcare and government to synchronise legacy and cloud applications together. What sets DSYNC apart is the high volume core, mapping and transformation engine.


Core Features:

  • Market-disruptive pricing (Affordability)
  • Drop and drag visual tool 
  • No programming skills required
  • Live data in near real time 
  • Caters for high volume
  • Enterprise grade tools with SaaS pricing
  • Immediate access to trial all features
  • Integration in minutes not months
  • Transform data between multiple systems
  • Push data in multiple directions
  • On-premise or cloud based
  • Built tough for banks, retailers and healthcare 







“We are very proud of the team for developing state of the art technology. Our technology can be used to join both legacy and cloud applications together quickly and easily” noted Martin Novak CIO DSYNC.

“By utilising DSYNC organisations can reduce manual entry, increase efficiencies, find ways to improve revenue and have complete visibility over networks” noted Simon Church COO & Co-Founder DSYNC

 “In the world of retail there are many companies that have with incompatible data sets and management software. Created at different times over the years, unfortunately none of them would play well together, forcing the IT department to find ways to integrate the disparate systems” noted Martin Novak CIO & Co-Founder DSYNC”

“Maintaining middleware can be costly as many middle-ware solutions work on point to point written code that will need to be maintained and monitored. DSYNC provides a layer of infrastructure that helps to enable rapid integration” noted Simon Church COO & Co-Founder DSYNC

“DSYNC is breaking new ground in terms of price points, connectivity and ease of use with the platform requiring no programming code to enable easy mapping and transformation of data between the systems” noted Martin Novak CIO & Co-Founder

“DSYNC provides a canvas for savvy business owners, IT teams and developers to map and transform data in near real time across their business network.” noted Martin Novak CIO & Co-Founder

.“We developed DSYNC to help enable connectivity. We quickly realized that even platforms were interested in our integration services as it helped to rapidly connect to multiple applications.” Mentioned Martin Novak






Media Contact

Name: Simon Church (COO and Co-Founder)


Address: 1010 W Lake St. Suite 100 – 111 Minneapolis MN 55408

Address: Level 2, 50 Bridge St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Phone: 1-866-653-7962

Website: DSYNC