logo-revelRevel Integration: DSYNC have partnered with Revel Systems (Point of Sale) to provide additional connectivity to the fast paced Point of Sale system. DSYNC can be used as an integration platform to extend Revel POS to additional business applications. Try DSYNC for Free with full features.

What does DSYNC do? DSYNC helps to provide Revel Integration to multiple systems from Accounting, CRM, website, Loyalty, Rest APis, data feeds, data extraction, reporting and more. Talk to the team about synchronizing your data.

DSYNC can also do data extraction and multiple location synchronization to help you with your Revel Store.

DSYNC Bi reporting

DSYNC can help with Revel Integration. Yes we can connect Revel to multiple applications including eCommerce platforms, accounting systems, mall integrations, erp and inventory platforms, eMail, ERP, shipping and more. The DSYNC team work closely with cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, pizza shops, juice bars and many more to integrate Revel point of sale with business applications. DSYNC is an integration platform that can sync customer data, product data, sales data and various entities with multiple applications. Find out more about revel systems integrations

DSYNC Revel Integration is powering Revel stores all over the world from synchronizing data with online stores, accounting systems, loyalty, data extraction and more.

Some of the popular Revel integrations include:

Revel Integration Extraction / API data extraction

Revel and Woocommerce connector

Revel integration with Xero

Revel and Shopify Integration

Revel and Quickbooks Integration

See a list of Revel DSYNC integrations

View some of the Revel connection demonstrations:







About – Revel POS (Point of sale systems) Revel Systems a rapidly growing company in the POS, loyalty and inventory sector. Listed below are some interesting facts that we like about Revel. DSYNC found some very interesting features for our merchants. One thing we are very impressed with is the rapid scale and customer engagement. Companies that truly listen to the market and build features around enhancements will surely have an upper hand.

Connect Revel with WooCommerce, Connect Revel with Xero  – Connect any available rest API with Revel for integration

Revel Systems POS is an award winning IPAD point of sale solution for all businesses from single location shops to multi location enterprise clients. Revel tailor retail clients to the specific  needs of each business from integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management and so much more. The POS is designed for business to develop high volume sales in a short period of time.

Things DSYNC likes about Revel Systems POS (Point of Sale Systems)

  1. Revel Systems POS has a drive through POS system that has two way video in the tablet system. Customers can see the server and vice versa creating a real conversation
  2. Revel is all about its customers, they listen and evolve features towards their customer base
  3. Not dependent on the web – can be IPAD to IPAD. If the internet is cut off Revel continues to operate.
  4. Affordable, strong, secure and agile – Customers sign up to Revel knowing they have a best of breed POS system.

Some interesting Revel point of sale facts:

  • Started in 2010
  • In multiple spaces from retail, restaurant, online ordering
  • Started in the quick service market space, then branched out into retail, then branched out into grocery
  • Many more segments targeted
  • Can integrate into back office systems
  • Working on gift-card companies, loyalty and more

About DSYNC: We connect applications together from POS, Inventory, Accounting, ERP, Location, IOT and many other business systems together. The team at DSYNC have built a world class mapping engine to synchronize data in near real time across multiple devices, applications and borders.