DSYNC kpmg integration company

System and API integration

Published on 10.10.2018

System and API integration is a real world problem. With so many different kinds of…

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CSV, FTP upload. Data Mapping Platform. Cloud integration DSYNC

How to Automate CSV uploads from FTP and Auto Map the data

Published on 18.11.2016

DSYNC is a bidirectional integration platform and can be used to pull data from an…

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Best Data Mapping Tools. Software. Apps is DSYNC

Data Mapping Tools

Published on 14.11.2016

DSYNC provides data mapping tools to join disparate systems together. The dashboard is a space…

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Easy CSV uploads. CSV integration with DSYNC

Automate your CSV and spreadsheet uploads

Published on 12.11.2016

There are still many systems that only have the capability to generate CSVs or spreadsheets….

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Mage training Learn Magento

Mage Training – Learn Magento from the best

Published on 6.6.2016

Today DSYNC talks with Matt Harrington from Mage Training. Matt is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist…

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DSYNC snow1

New York Jonas Snow Storm

Published on 25.1.2016

MaghAs our flights have been cancelled due to the Jonas Snow storm – time for…

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Cloud Integration

Published on 2.1.2016

New Business and Technology Drivers Impacting Cloud Integration   Today we are talking cloud and…

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Magento Drop Ship Extension

Magento Drop Shipping Supplier and integration

Published on 14.12.2015

With so many sites now powered by Magento the big question is… How easy is…

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DSYNC invited to Parliament House Canberra

Published on 11.12.2015

The Innovation Statement is the talk of the town within the start-up ecosystem. We proudly…

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Wholesale Drop Ship – A step by step guide

Published on 23.10.2015

If you know about eCommerce and wholesale drop shipping already this this really is not…

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