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Advanced bidirectional cloud integration platform used to connect applications

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Configurable Cloud Integration Platform


Two way connectivity between capable systems, ftp and web-service locations. Push, pull, get, post, import and send data to / from multiple sources. 

Real time triggers

Need live updates? DSYNC can provide live data syncs with near real time actions or schedule data sync times. (Real time or Batch) 

Mapping engine

Match data fields, control endpoints, edit data layouts, set functions. Ready made template maps available

Sync multiple methods or inputs

Full control of your data layout. Combine XML & JSON methods. Product XML and JSON feeds, RSS Feeds. Push and pull data from FTP or web-services. 

Extract and consolidate data

Direct DSYNC to extract and consolidate data from multiple applications then consolidate in a CSV, then present in a unified format for analysis or reporting

Set Calculations and Formulas

Configure and set calculations when syncing your data including the use of formulas. Use ( + - * / ) methods to bend your data. Example - Set sale price *1.1 or set quantity limits

Graphical interface for configuration

Build integrations with our easy to use graphical interface. Configure rather than code your cloud integration with our drag and drop mapping and data transformation engine.

Connect disparate systems

Different systems cater for different functions and have different structures and naming conventions. DSYNC can help to standardize and map elements. Connect systems where data may be in different formats; Website, CRM, Accounting, Marketplaces, eMail, Inventory and more

Custom data endpoints

Customize your data. Need additional data fields to sync your systems to? Or the endpoint you need to connect data with is not available. DSYNC provides a graphical interface to edit and configure your data layout.

Data formatting

Data conversion and formatting: Data comes in many formats, styles and can be structured differently depending on the system. By utilizing DSYNC developers can adjust data formats and change the data settings so that it can be accepted by the destination endpoint.

Transform & set rules

Set function rules for each data endpoint. Join data fields, edit field types, capitalize, set data formats and more

Developer integration tools

Build data layouts, fetch from FTP / Webservice, export data feeds in specific formats, preview functions for data synchronization, transform product data, customer data, order data, import CSV and more

Create / Update / Delete

The DSYNC platform has the ability to “CREATE & UPDATE & DELETE” data. DSYNC can CREATE a field when instructed (example create new customer). DSYNC can UPDATE when a change is made to field (example change of address). DSYNC can DELETE from one system to another if instructed.

Combine old with new

Combine hybrid integration methods including legacy systems, csv uploads, SOAP and Rest API methods

Enterprise performance

Built for high volume and speed DSYNC has been built from the ground up to handle enterprise scale. Sub-second round trip data exchange depending on 3rd party system performance.

Multiple systems

Developers can the DSYNC graphical interface to connect to multiple applications. Use the same data action to update multiple systems at the same time.

SDK for building your own connector

Flexible integration options from utilizing our pre-built connections or DIY with our SDK for integrating systems not on the DSYNC network.

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