Martin Novak

Co-Founder and CIO

The Man With The Plan Proves That Anything Is Possible

Martin Novak is the founder and CIO of DSYNC; cutting edge software designed to dovetail complex business systems effortlessly – creating a streamlined, data-driven solution that minimizes risk, reduces cost and drives profit. DSYNC is what it is today due to the unique vision and highly developed technical, problem solving and people management skills of its CIO.

Driving Performance. Delivering Results. 

Launching his career as an IT Programmer in 2008, Martin developed in-house desktop applications and streamlined e-commerce systems – improving performance and delivering increasingly efficient automated business management systems.Never settling for second best… Novak continues to drive performance, deliver results and stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

At DSYNC.com we always play to win…

Skills Combined With Vision Equate to Success in Any Language A Magento certified developer with a record of success in project management and software development; Martin Novak communicates fluently in three languages, cultivates relationships with business professionals globally and leads the DSYNC team from the front… And that’s the way we like it!