Rebecca Gough

Global Operations Manager

Rebecca Gough is the creative director at DSYNC.com; data-driven software designed to connect complex business systems smoothly – it’s a big role with a company with huge ambition.

Successfully Communicating Creativity in a Complex World

DSYNC has a story to tell. It’s one where challenges will be met and overcome, where visions become reality and where possibility becomes the norm. Rebecca Gough helps to tell that story.

Connecting Creatives. Improving Outcomes.

Launching her career in Customer Relations before moving on to become a leading Marketing Professional and Creative Director in pharmaceuticals; Rebecca developed the key skills required to get the best out of everyone – delivering results and exceeding expectations by connecting the right people to the right tasks and managing outcomes.

With an eye for detail and what many have called ‘Inspired Intuition’… Rebecca possesses an ability to see the big picture while understanding the challenges and demands of the creative role.


At DSYNC.com she connects the dots…

Combining Skills and Creating Success

A young, bright, energetic professional with a desire to drive the growth and evolution of DSYNC; Rebecca Gough is proud to be a part of the team… And to tell the DSYNC story!