Simon Church

Chief Operating Officer

The Time-Served Technology Sage Driving DSYNC Forward   

Simon Church is the Chief Operating Officer at DSYNC.com; intelligent, intuitive data-driven software developed to meet the growing demands of modern business head-on – it’s a role that few could handle, but Simon Church is different… and certainly not your average ‘tech guy’. And DSYNC are anything but average. That’s why the company and the COO are a perfect match for one another – both unique and highly competitive and both driven to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Developing Partners. Delivering Results. Every Time.

With a career that has seen him coordinating airfreight defence exercises, heading up sales for cargo and freight airlines in the Middle East and personally developing over 16,000 customer accounts for a leading e-commerce company; Simon now steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer with DSYNC. With an ability to connect and collaborate at every level… Church will lead the team responsible for developing partner relationships with the likes of IBM, Oracle, NetSuite, BigCommerce, Amazon, Google, PayPal, and eBay.

At DSYNC it’s a role he relishes …

Combining Passion with Professionalism, Naturally.

An experienced, ambitious, approachable professional with a passion to help DSYNC reach its potential; Simon Church is firmly in the driving seat… And ready to move the company and its software solution forward!

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