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John Morten Johnsen - Functions Norway

Nice one! Thanx for mega support. Now i have gotten everything to work:) I minimized the data layout to the fields that I will use. And now the sync i flawless. Beginning to love DSYNC now:)  John Morten

Joe Williamson - Craving Vapor USA

DSYNC links my Revel warehouse inventory and Revel price to WooCommerce, while also pushing my WooCommerce orders to Revel. Everything is automated and I do not have to add data in manually. The process is efficient and saves me many hours that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry. Joe (Craving Vapor USA)

Managing Director

Jan Cerny - CZ Digital Czech Republic

As a developer and digital agency we are always on the look out for best of breed developer tools. DSYNC is a revolutionary deep dive integration platform for connecting data between any systems. We can easily implement and connect all required business software application with minimum cost and no technical expertise. Customers can choose from many connectors as well as generic SOAP, REST, etc. connectors. DSYNC team provides excellent support and hopefully we'll see growing support community soon as well.

Head of Digital Partnerships

Iggy Jovanovic - Westfield Scentre Group

DSYNC are only too willing to assist any questions. They are very familiar with so many platforms, so integrating is extremely easy and quick with minimal disruption. DSYNC has answered an industry-wide problem and simplified the process the connecting of systems for retailers. We have had a great experience by introducing them to retailers, as many have issues around systems connecting or talking to each other. 

CEO & Co-Founder

Cameron Wall - Raincheck

DSYNC is a user first led (UX), platform built from the ground up so that anyone can start to integrate disparate systems within or between organisations. Leveraging the advantages of Cloud computing with state-of-the-art tools it's a must review option.

Andy MacDonald - Unilibre Data Australia

"I met the DSYNC team quite fortuitously while on engagement at a large financial institution. The Enterprise Architect "hinted" that I should have a look at the DSYNC product. Out of respect, I reached out to Simon (the founding Director of DSYNC) who then gave me a private viewing of their product. My jaw hit the floor - it is THE most perfect answer to the question I get every day, "what happens when we get the data out?". Not only did I see the perfect match for my rFuel product but the people at DSYNC fit perfectly with the way I want to do business - honest, clean, above-the-line." 

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