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Unilibre Data

I met the DSYNC team quite fortuitously while on engagement at a large financial institution. The Enterprise Architect "hinted" that I should have a look at the DSYNC product. Out of respect, I reached out to Simon (the founding Director of DSYNC) who then gave me a private viewing of their product. My jaw hit the floor - it is THE most perfect answer to the question I get every day, "what happens when we get the data out?". Not only did I see the perfect match for my rFuel product but the people at DSYNC fit perfectly with the way I want to do business - honest, clean, above-the-line.  Andy Mcdonald 

CZ Digital

DSYNC enables our team to join APIs together with no coding and helps with rapid integration. The integration platform supports Dynamic URLs and pagination which is great for high volume sites. DSYNC supports both JSON and XML API connection so is perfect for connecting generic API endpoints when we do system integration. Jan Cerny

Dutch Pantry Family Restaurants USA

DSYNC has done an excellent job with setting up our online business for success. Where other vendors have failed DSYNC has done the unimaginable and helped us bring our online business into the realm of larger businesses. They have connected our Revel POS to our e-commerce site to ensure accurate inventory is always shown online allowing us to open our business to a wider audience. They have worked with us directly to ensure everything is fully functional. We can now ensure our online store isn't selling products that have gone out of stock in our brick and mortar store. A truly great job from the whole DSYNC team.  Brian Powers

Craving Vapor USA

DSYNC links my Revel warehouse inventory and Revel price to WooCommerce, while also pushing my WooCommerce orders to Revel. Everything is automated and I do not have to add data in manually. The process is efficient and saves me many hours that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry.  

Bake Confectionery Pte Ltd  

As our technology initiatives require great flexibility and efficiency for integration across different markets and region, focusing on on-time and high-availability,  DSYNC have enabled us in performing data integration seamlessly across different markets and region. They have been a reliable partner.


Bake Confectionery Pte Ltd